Call to Donate

A memorial to the American spirit.
A place to reflect and remember.
A pledge to NEVER FORGET.

Acquiring the 9/11 artifacts from the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and Shanksville, PA to create a memorial was only the beginning of the Chesapeake 9/11 Memorial Project.  Now, work continues, and your assistance is sought to support the completion of this project.  Individuals and community groups can help by:
  • Working at the committee level.
  • Providing assistance during the construction phase.
  • Supporting various fundraising events.
  • Providing services, materials, or equipment.
  • Offering financial support. 

No government funds or grants are available for this endeavor so all labor, material, and donations will come from community support.  The Chesapeake 9/11 Memorial Committee and its volunteers would welcome your help!

Find us on Facebook to find out about more about special events and progress on the memorial!

We need your help! 

chesapeake 9/11 memorial

Arrival of the 9/11 artifacts ~ Sept. 2011